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Message Subject Why are people so shallow, materialistic and cruel to one another?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We are all born sinners. Including you OP. You now, are judging others, the same as what you are complaining about. Nobody is perfect, and yes we all could and should be better behaved. But we are human.
 Quoting: J-Honey

I never said I was perfect and as you may or may not notice I never singled anyone out in particular for judgement. I'm just saying what is wrong with us as a whole. I'm just as guilty as the next person for ever consuming the crap of this world. If I were going to point out anyone at fault it would be Satan and his demons.
 Quoting: WhiteShoePrincess

True...but, the people choose to follow him. After a while they are indoctrinated in materialism, etc. God, in His own way, knocks on their door and invites them in. If they choose to follow Him, they change. If they choose not to follow Him...well, you know :-)
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