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Message Subject Why are people so shallow, materialistic and cruel to one another?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Quote.."Christian values lost - kindness replaced with competition Bible replaced with Cosmopolitan and porn magazines'

Part of the problem. The rest is social conditioning. I live in Malaysia now. Each time I return to the UK I find the shallowness has got deeper, the decadence and degenerative behaviour too has got worse. It is spreading like widfire here as more and more people borrow money for status and appearance (competitive nature).

Vicious cycle of observation subconciously interpreted as a breach of trust manifest in visible behavior, reinterpreted as the social norm.

WE as a species are programmed to avoid deviant behaviour (deviant as in the 'outcrowd') it is a simple instinctive mechanism for survival/sharing/acceptance in the community. Therefore when one sees another doing something and not being castigated, punished or labled 'devaint', that other has a propesity to adopt the behaviour as there is little chance of retribution.

100th monkey. Monkey see, monkey do.

Now, map that on to those who weild power. In order to survive (i.e., not display 'deviant' behaviour) one has to mimic and/or adopt behavioural norms of the group.

It doesn't take much more intuition to realise that the law of attraction (birds of a feather flock together) allows for groups of similar people do actually gather.

Somewhere in our past, the above quote (not necessarily in biblical/religious terms) metaphorically happened. I personally think it has a lot to do with the Protestant Reformation in Europe in the 14th Century (think printing) that started this process in the western world - yes America had not been colonised then. Those who had access and control of communication, the Catholic Church had their economic and 'moral' monopoly broken as printing allowed for mass communication of alternate ideas.

Find out who had control of the early printing presses and you'll find the culprits. Yes, that's right folks, white anglo-saxon protestants of Northern Europe, funded and driven by usury!

The Catholic Church may have been an awfully cruel institution/monopoly, may still be interpreted as such - but there was no usury.

So, it appears that in the western world the advent of usury may be the root of today's contemporary wickedness, greed and selfishness (birds of a feather flock together).

In parallel, what I am witnessing in Malaysia (predominatly Muslim) is the degeneration of behaviour copying that of the west and morphing into decadent displays of 'wealth'. This is happening in many Muslim communities coincidentally with the rise of 'Islamic Finance' and Islanic Banking'.

Go figure.

Many come here to GLP because intuitively, they feel something wrong. 600 years ago, we were the majority and things were held in check by THE COMMUNITY you were brought up in because they were small and familial/tribal and DEVIANT behaviour was held in check by peer pressure. Fast forward the future. With everyone screaming for identity as part of the fluctuating 'incrowd' 9tyhink trends, fashion, upgrades, bigger, better, faster, etc..), materialsim and decadent behaviour is the social norm, hence people like you and I despair.

Think there is a way out? Try farting into a hurricane, you'll get your answer. WE are now the devaints, whispering voices in the wilderness of morality and common decency being drowned out by the cheap, plastic cacophony of 'ME! ME! ME! ya fucker, MEEE! It's mine, I demand it, get out of my way give it to me NOW! FUCK YOU..'

..all sponsored and brough to you courtesy of 600 years of ususry.

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