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Message Subject Why are people so shallow, materialistic and cruel to one another?
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
We are all born sinners. Including you OP. You now, are judging others, the same as what you are complaining about. Nobody is perfect, and yes we all could and should be better behaved. But we are human.
 Quoting: J-Honey

That's religious mind control at it's best... Break the spirit of the flock through the forced indoctrination of guilt. Take that bullshit elsewhere.

See OP? Case in point ^ people just by nature can be mean or rude, negative blah blah...

The important thing to remember is some people are also loving, giving, caring, kind, funny, friendly, generous....human nature runs the gamut of emotion and feeling from birth, so there is somewhat of a balance.
 Quoting: J-Honey

Yes, it's my nature to speak out against harmful & self-destructive ideology that encourages individuals to feel guilt for the sole reason of being born and irregardless of their actions or intent.

You can label me 'mean' and 'rude' if it makes you feel better about your poor choice of words. I don't mind. At least I directed my criticism at your words and not at the nature of your character, too bad you didn't feel the need to demonstrate the decency to do the same.
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