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Message Subject Why are people so shallow, materialistic and cruel to one another?
Poster Handle WhiteShoePrincess
Post Content
Yes, it's my nature to speak out against harmful & self-destructive ideology that encourages individuals to feel guilt for the sole reason of being born and irregardless of their actions or intent.

You can label me 'mean' and 'rude' if it makes you feel better about your poor choice of words. I don't mind. At least I directed my criticism at your words and not at the nature of your character, too bad you didn't feel the need to demonstrate the decency to do the same.

There are good and bad things within all religions that we can point out. I don't particularly think of myself as being lumped in with any specific religion. There are several ideologies out there and I always try to keep an open mind. I will not simply believe someone simply because they say they are apart of a religious group. I watch what their actions tell since actions do speak louder than words.
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