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Message Subject So, women get COMBAT clearance. Then they bring back the draft. Then you women who never said a peep get drafted!
Poster Handle FatalW1shes
Post Content
I have no problem with it as long as they don't lower the standards.

If a woman can hump an 80 pound ruck and full combat load (320 rounds) and an M4 and still be effective after a week of humping 20klicks a day....

Fuck it. Let her do it. She gets her boys killed they will frag her ass and get rid of her.....just like they do the boys.

Women want equal rights....fine by me. I just have to question why they want this. War is hell. Bullets hurt and when they get captured they won't be treated like men.

They will be raped and tortured.

I hope they know this going in.
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