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Message Subject So, women get COMBAT clearance. Then they bring back the draft. Then you women who never said a peep get drafted!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, My thought is not if one special woman beast can do it here or there. We all know that is possible. Those who can do it, for some reason aren't femine. However, most females could never do it in a million years. Now when all of the she beasts assume the role of " most woman", want will you do if you have a lovely, " normal" daughter who gets sucked into the vacuum of hell? What will be your defense? You didn't teach her to speak up. Why? Because she didn't have to, it was inconvenient and now instead of looking at her smart phone all day, she is in combat, shaking and calling for Daddy.

To the person of whom speaks of a wife that is a cop, well, you know the truth. If men weren't with her to protect her, she would be junk. That is nature. That is fact. My POINT is not about you cuckold morons, but concerning men who have daughter etc...
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