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Worst Case Scenario

User ID: 28915265
United States
12/02/2012 10:48 PM
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Worst Case Scenario
Well sheesh, where to start. Was having major marriage problems at the time, also depressed, but no excuses-got caught by a BPD young female at work, and she played it out to hope that I would kill myself. She did everything
possible to make sure I was divorced and living in a shanty and paying child support. She cheated and is engaged to another guy less than two months after I told my now ex wife. My ex wife called her on the phone to compare notes about and the BPD even lied to her. She got engaged to this guy in less than about three months within us having sex. She was still continuing to see me up to the end it was so freaking confusing I never understood, I geuss that was her point. This is after seeing me for two years and the constand BS of I Love You and anything else she could say to guilt me. After starting to grow a brain a few weeks ago I checked the divorce records for her about her story about her first marriage, turns out she was still married for almost five months while seeing and have sex with me. If you guys ever run into one of these pretty women that believes your the best thing since slice bread in less than 2 months and is wanting to get married, move in, have kids, etc.....don't Walk, But Run, change your name, whatever else you need to do, Do it.