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Are murder suicides and suicides in general related to custody disputes?

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United States
12/02/2012 11:59 PM
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Are murder suicides and suicides in general related to custody disputes?
The nature of the events to follow a custody battle are indicative of certain things.

If you are a man the custody will most likely be awarded to the woman. They will garnish your wages, make it impossible to see your child, you will lose your job and career and your life will become a living hell. If you are a woman, chances are that you can be seduced by the child support advocates into a fantasy land gravy train. In that case you are being lied to.

But the reality is that the child support system is backwards and cruel to both parents and more importantly children.

In any case I noticed the gun control half time report so I thought I would add this in, seems that Jevon Belcher had a three month old child and was spatting with his babys mother about a custody dispute.

Maybe she said something that really pissed him off and he lost it.

In any case, if the powers that be want to make the case about gun control?

Shouldn't we make the case about the realities of the state sponsored program of destroying families, isn't that more dangerous than any weapon that uses lead to penetrate a target?