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Message Subject How long until we make a stand?
Poster Handle gd2balive
Post Content
How long until we put an end to the elites control?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6174199

WE wait upon this as is written Matthew 24:36 but WE are also moving forward together with the desire to finish what needs to be finished...

"HOW LONG" has been asked for Aeons but for those whom wait WE know what is written within US ALL...

The false veil of the darkest Wickedness of much useless noise cannot hide what is starting to take a foothold here on glp and elsewhere. To be still and quite within your Living Temples drowns out all this useless noise which has been aiding US to be able too see more clearly what is at hand and by whom this darkness is being forecasted by and once again the body is beginning to pray together again unto the Throne of RIGHTEOUSNESS not unto men who have always been known as Vagabonds and Whoremongers that would sell their own Mothers Soul for the Love of the Bondage of the Filthy Lucre that has been offered to cause them to become blinded.These ones even told many lies to Kings such as Nebachaddnezzar and Darius.These ones know NOT what they do so WE remind YOU ALL again, the Nations,the Kindreds,the Diverse Tongues and ALL the Peoples of the Nations what is truly WRITTEN within US ALL and why WE seek to have our internal Temples cleansed through the S`WORD of the LIVING WORD that is Alive in US...

Remember 1JOHN 2:27 1JOHN 3:1

The Book of JOHN...Reread all of chptr 14 and remember!!!

WE wait patiently for the pouring out of the Fathers Anointing unto all flesh that OUR vessels will be cleansed and resurrected by the Divine Law of Love...

The DIVINE LAW of LOVE is NOT for sale nor the written WORD but somehow they even found a way to commercialize it so they can make $ and fill their pockets with the bondage of their filthy lucre...1JOHN 2:26

This is where they turned the truth into a LIE and now because their hearts are vile and Wicked they REFUSE to retain the knowledge of the Fathers before US and the Mothers before US...These ones have turned the truth into a lie and they now mock and even curse their own Father/Mother that their days are now shortened...

Romans 1:25-28

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