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Message Subject How long until we make a stand?
Poster Handle gd2balive
Post Content
If you are serious to understand this , you need to look no further than the scriptures and humble your self to them! All this must happen and that is the true will of God! I promise you there is truth in the Bible. No this path was not the will of God. However thru freewill God must allow things to pass.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1145318

yep. it's true...

don't worry you will have your stand to make, the mark of the beast is coming, refuse it...
 Quoting: chipg 13295122

Agreed Chip for all man will judge themselves for the record of their lives that is written within their Temples

The Beast is already residing within US ALL using this creation as ITS host and all other Forms of Marks,Images,Names and Numbers are just a continuing of the internal destruction of the Temple that is within US ALL...Men of Old...Men of RENOWN...RENOWN means MARK...

Gen 6:4 The men of Sin whom are the Sons of Perdition that can no longer hide themselves for they are becoming naked with much shame for they follow Molek and know NOT what they do...

These ones have been able to use Strong Illusions to dismay all who know NOT what they do and deny by their actions that it was the actual WORD of the Divine Law of Love that gave Testimony then and even now through US ALL

Men still follow men doing what is known as unseemly and unnatural to disguise their fornication of their vile affections and uncleanness. Even now WE can see ITS reward to those who know NOT what they do

Chip connect the dots to the NAME,MARK,NUMBER and or IMAGE to the word RENOWN and you might find something that brings both Gen 6:4 and Rev 13:14-18

The word RENOWN means something Chip,it identifies something very important to the whole body of the Khrist...

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