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Message Subject How long until we make a stand?
Poster Handle gd2balive
Post Content
When the pain of doing nothing and taking it in the ass becomes so intolerable that do something is the only option.....

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19070944

As is known and WRITTEN but forgotten in the Book of Matthew 24:21 when these Tribulations begin and come to full the people shall begin to call out for a Savior and then the darkness of the Final days of THE Abomination shall reside in man as foretold and the wheat and the chaff shall be separated and man shall bow to and worship the IMAGE of the Beast that was,is not but yet is and they shall deliver to them a god/savior as was made known in Rev 13:14-15

IS NOT meaning the Time of the dark ages

Remember the Divine Law of LOVE needs not to be worshiped for Love from within is an action WORD that is ALIVE in US...

Rev 13:14-15-16 John, the one who Reveals writes...

These are they who follow the Beast wherever IT goes and these are those who worship the Beast,ITS Name,ITS Number,ITS Mark and the IMAGE that they made of this Beast...

Rev 17:8 Here is the 8th Beast that has come from the 7 before IT and all are and have been an ABOMINATION to the everlasting Temple Throne that resides within US and these ones who worship the IMAGE of this Beast are the

smallman,the greatman,the richman,the poorman,the freeman and also the bondman...

And this Abomination that takes up residence in mans heart,mans Soul coming will be what makes it possible to divide the true Vine from those who follow the ABOMINATION that is making ALL mans inner Temple Souls empty who follow the FALLEN of Old...of the RENOWN...

What do all 8 of these kingdoms have in common?{Kingdoms of the Beast} who cause all the generations of man to worship the IMAGE they made

the word IMAGE again means the "bending of the rays of LIGHT"

Remember, Love of the Father and the Mother needs not worshiped for true Love evokes the creation of the Divine Law that is above all law whereby all things that are eternal manifest life, not the destruction of the worshiping of the god of FORCES/Molek...The god of WAR of the LAWLESS

What do all 8 of these kingdoms have in common?

Who can say I see YOU/IT???

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