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Message Subject Now Obama Wants Your 401(K)
Poster Handle Old MacDonald
Post Content
only money left
 Quoting: Mr. Predictor

Yeppers, of course he wants it. And if he can get a majority in the House as well as the Senate, he just might get it, ludicrous as that seems.
 Quoting: Bluebird

They're going to get it too, pensions as well.

They get everybody dependent on the system and then pull the rug out from under them, leaving them slaves to the state.

As if we're not there already.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28996045

Here is what you American need to do before DEC 31

Pull ALL Your Money OUT of

Savings (If you have Savings youre NOT gonna use anytime soon, some of us don't have that luxury at all)

**Don't pay any attention to money lost thru taxes either, Youre better losing 30% now then 100% later**

I don't know how a 401K works but in Canada an RRSP is the equivelent financial instrument, and if you Pull Out your $$$ from an RRSP you have to pay Taxes right then and there.

Purchase with that Money

15% of Money to Extra Food and Water
10% of Money to Home Protection Items
10% of Money to Medicine & Supplies (Based on youre individual needs)

5% Cash on Hand (NOT in the Bank, In your Wallet)

60% Gold & Silver at a Ratio of around 50 to 1

(So if you have $5000 left after Food/Protection/Meds/Cash You would Buy say 1.5oz Gold and 75oz of Silver)

Then Sit back and wait for this "Fiscal Cliff" to rape everyone else's wealth and not yours.


Your Welcome in advance,
Uncle Benny Bernanke
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