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Poster Handle novamom
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Couldn't have said it better!
5* and a pin
 Quoting: novamom

Thank you!!

I just can't imagine someone being interested in attacking you for what you've done. Without even realizing it, I'll bet you've saved a number of lives from the depressed to the fringe, simply by allowing us all a place to vent and be heard....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16764710

People do not function properly, are selfish, and they lack empathy It's a sad world when people cannot be happy for one another and their success. I love this site and cannot imagine not having it. But we all need to keep in mind that Trinity is going through a lot, and he has a family to think about. What kind of life would it be to wonder and look over your shoulder all the time?

I hope this guy rots!

Oh, and I sometimes find myself more angry when I log off, some people make stupid comments that make my blood boil.
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