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Poster Handle arkay
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Top marks for you post OP.

I think you reflect what all decent people think.

Hopefully Trinity can get this matter resolved without any dissruptions or unpleasantries.

He and this site are a leading part of the way the world is evolving, with that comes some pain as new things need to be learnt.

Some of that learning must be done by people who probably never fitted in anywhere and they think they have a new toy to play with.

Buy his own actions this idiot has demonstrated just how vulnerable he actually is, and he would be well advised to consider that concept, ie, if he can do it, so can anyone!

Clearly Trinity has a serious problem, but he also has a lot of invaluable information, which he has shared with us all.

Should any harm come to him or any of his family then he does have recourse, not to mention how his immense following here would react to anything negative that might occur.

Its up to our enforcement authorities to also evolve and to deliver to us the protection that we have always expected of them.

If they dont or should they not demonstrate impartiality to a clear case needing immediate attention then the word VIGILANTE comes to mind, which of course would be condemned by those traditional enforcement agancies.
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