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Well, thinking about this thread, plus the original one that sparked all this convo, I have a few thoughts.

I am, no doubt, a whole lot older than Trinity. I have seen and experienced a LOT of shit in my life. Someone commented on this thread about how people are no longer happy for you if you are successful (well, maybe not your exact words, but that's what I took from it!).

That made me think about something I had put out of my mind, and I came up with this theory: that Ivan is somewhat "jealous" of your success, your good life. I believe some people LIVE to make other people's life miserable (I HAVE experienced this!). I don't know what that mentality is, but I had a "friend" who decided after I started being successful in a hobby that we shared. She started sabotaging my activities, and pulling all my friends away. This was many years before the internet, but it DID change my life, as we had to move away, and give up our activity.

OK, then the second theory I have has also been explored in the first thread: Ivan is a gov't plant, and "they" are screwing with you due to the tremendous amount of truth you expose about tptb. That is extremely dangerous to you, and you must take steps to protect your family from that.

Good luck to you, Trinity. Many of us love this place almost as much as you do, and would hate to see it have to close, although I'm positive there are those who would say the opposite, and are at work to do so as we sit and read here today!
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