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Poster Handle TrinityISawesome
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Ill agree 110% with this tread.. I love this site and hope & pray trinity all the best. I have had a few stalkers myself and even had them call the police on me making up false claims to get them to break into my house. I had an ex GF that revealed my personal information to the world and knew the crazies out there would make my life hell when they found it out....'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. I do admit getting frustrated with the ban thingy as I get banned periodically for posting my news articles. I am not trying to plug my site here but just so you know trinity that I COMPLETELY understand what online stalking is all about. I am an online 'preacher' and news guy. [btw the most crazy and obsessed people I know are radical 'christians'] Anyone that knows me knows that I have a live podcast NIGHTLY, a faith fellowship that meets after the show and a news blog that has ruffled a number of peoples feathers over the last few years. We do NOT suffer fools and we ban them when they want to control or poison our group. I just had one of my stalkers get put in jail for a bit and I do believe in divine justice, so take courage and trust in God that He will protect and deal with your enemies... I have noticed that there is a time to stand up and speak out and a time to ignore (proverbs 26:4,5 Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself. Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.") .... and a wise person will know the difference so as not to get caught up in the attention or drama mosh pit they seek to pull you into. God bless you trinity... I will pray the Lords protection over you and your family. I have heard the things said about you and I knew right away they were false. Keep up the good work

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