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Poster Handle Wondering Woman
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To Trinity: I've only been looking at GLP for about a year, finally registered and this is my third post. I'm almost 7 decades old, don't know squat about how this or any other forum works (or for that matter the internet either), but I do know how much I value freedom, faith, family and friends. I haven't figured out what a troll is or how to recognize one, how to put the little icons on a post, or how to find directions for doing so. BUT I have figured out that you as the owner of this site are doing a tremendous service for people who want to express themselves and keep others informed. Of course I don't enjoy some of the language and some of the more stupid subjects, but I can skip that--a choice. SO though I'm pretty clueless, I want to offer a big THANK YOU for the service you do by providing the forum. If there is anything you want your users to do, I know you'll let us know. I know there's not a lot a technically illiterate oldie like me can do, but I will pray and hope that this problem gets solved and you get some peace for yourself and your family. None of us are really safe anymore, but please don't take chances that might jeopardize your family. Thank you, Trinity.
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