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Message Subject attention trinity
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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So, I originally (in the help thread) saw a post about Ivan being part of a Russian hacker group. There wasn't info with it so I had no proof. I'm sure Trinity saw it though and so I'm sure he followed up on it if he didn't already have the info. Back up a little, he posts the Gaza thread and then posts something totally out of character saying he's trying to "lose credibility". WTF!!! Then he let's them play on the site for awhile (liberals swarm the place and filters are all off)? WTH??? This hasn't gone away since his Gaza post. This is far more reaching...

Now we have glass houses posts, and angels posts. And then the one the other day about the person with inside info trying to help him but was one of them (Mr. Trinity). Damn.

They are seriously trying to take this site down and it's more than a "little" annoyance as with the past. We'll be lucky if the site is here (in it's current form) next week, me thinks.
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