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Message Subject attention trinity
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This scenario fabricated...

I have read a lot of this current thread.

This is what I am starting to think:

The guy is a Punk.

The Punk got into trouble with credit card scams and Identity theft.

The FBI was/is involved in a "sting" operation which involved the Punk.

The FBI "flips" this Punk, turned him into an informant tool of/for the FBI to be used to ensnare other miscreants.

The FBI doesn't like GLP because it is a tool of Liberty, and Free Open exchange of ideas.

Part of the "deal" with the FBI is to avoid prison time, and the Punk is given a certain amount of latitude to attack specified American institutions such as GLP.

These Creeps are "CREEPS".

J. Edgar Hoover...(Director of the FBI)...A well known pedophile, homosexual, and tool of organized crime.
[See "Evidence of Revision"]

The FBI - Involved in Oklahoma City Bombing coverup.

The FBI - Involved in 9-11 Coverup.

The FBI - Involved in all three Kennedy assassinations and coverups.

The FBI - recently staged a "sting" operation where they brain-wash, and mind-control certain suitable individual, then give them phony "plastic explosive" and then bust them for "plotting to blow up a bridge.

I'm smelling this Punk is a stooge of the FBI, the stench of FBI is all over this incident, the stench of pedophiles, and UN-American activities again, all over this incident.
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