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Burning Bridges!

Offer Upgrade

User ID: 24140044
United States
12/03/2012 03:41 AM
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Burning Bridges!
Burning Brindges...

I had a pen and I lost it.

I bought a pencil just to frost it.

It turnied blue, and so did you.

Wondering if I should just toss it.

It couldn't write, it couldn't read.

The only concern was immediate need.

If just for once, maybe for a day.

That pen would write just what I say.

But things go haywire and we both lose.

Because one or the other refused to choose...
Keep it simple and always give <3
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25601325
United States
12/03/2012 06:15 AM
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Re: Burning Bridges!