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Message Subject BREAKING: Turkey Scrambles F16s after Syria Bombs Border Town. Turkey worried Assad may Resort to Chemical Weapons - Hillary Issues Warning
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Yesterday, as I was looking through my twitter feed there were reports in some part of Turkey that residents were complaining about an attack that was going on. Many of the people were complaining of eye irritation and the in ability to breath.
I didn't carry the information to this site because on twitter you can never be sure if it is true or not. However, the fact a news blurb has surfaced today and the United States issued a statement regarding the use of chemical weapons means only one thing, they are in use.
Assad is about to do something that has only been done a handful of times.
Russia is meeting with Turkey so they can assure themselves of having the water port that Syria currently allows them to have use of.
Hopefully this situation will de-escalate soon. However I feel that it will get out of control before and spill into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey before the other countries will commit themselves to full intervention.
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