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Message Subject BREAKING: Turkey Scrambles F16s after Syria Bombs Border Town. Turkey worried Assad may Resort to Chemical Weapons - Hillary Issues Warning
Poster Handle Newshunter
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1725 GMT: Syria. Initially, when I heard reports that the Syrian military was moving its chemical weapons (according to US intelligence sources), my response was that the military likely believed it could no longer secure them in their current locations. As the Obama administration had already defined the use or loss of chemical weapons as a "red line," Assad cannot afford to have those bases fall to the insurgents for fear that it would trigger immediate international military intervention - a real possibility. However, CNN's Barbara Starr, who reported on the situation last time chemical weapons were moved, said that all of her sources say that this time it is significantly different - and Assad may be planning to use these weapons:

[link to www.enduringamerica.com]
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