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Message Subject Morsi Reaches Dictatorship Deal with Egyptian Army
Poster Handle Adventus Domini
Post Content
Now that Morsi has the support of the Military in his country now he will begin the power struggle to be head of the Brotherhood and all of The Middle East.

Morsi is a Sunni. Mr Iran a Shai. Sunni's don't like Shai. Actually they hate each other more than the Jews. Morsi in no way in hell wants Iran to have a nuclear bomb because he will have to kiss ass. Watch the infighting start. Mr Iran thinks he can bring about the holy war and that he's the 12th Amman. Mr Iran has been groomed for this moment from the time he was a little boy to take power and bring this about.

There's going to be big troubles among the rank and file. Sunni against Shai. They will start to kill each other again. Morsi and Qatar will sell themselves out to the west. Morsi needs the wests money big time. They will isolate Iran eventually. You Watch. Just like Syria it will explode. Turkey will hold the line as it always does.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21098952

did you see all that in your crystal ball?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28972903

Get your finger out of you nose. This is a valid analysis.
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