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The Great History of China

Lucian Apollo Zalmoxe Lumina
User ID: 28915990
12/03/2012 06:19 AM
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The Great History of China
The middle empire or the belly of the world

-As it is only one empire in the world so shall be only one emperor under the sun

was united in 200 AD following a series of wars between the 6 kingdoms of that vas continent

coming from the inheritance of Tibet ,the golden dragons ,the red race and the white race who conquered India around 750 BC(the brahmans cast system)

their influence spread north and the chinese were a mix of white and red men

Their unification under the Qin emperor(hence the european name China) was the reuslt of the philosophy of a wariior monk sent to kill the Qin king:

-I have wroted down the symbol for the Sword in 22 ways..and I understood that men can only find peace and prosperity if they are all Slaves of the same emperor;one empire and one emperor under the sun;my death shall mark the birth of great empire who will conquer the whole Earth and give Peace and Prosperity to all men and women for the Eternity of the Gods

well,it didnt went so well

In the 1940s an army made of primitive men ,led by Mao Zedong or Te Dong conquered the Forbidden City and imprisoned the Last Emperor who was at war with the Nationalist Cuo Ming Tang

it was the onyl time in History when an empire was conquered by the Primitive Commune

Soon they realized their mistakes as the reports filled their desks

-Do you understand what is writen in these 3 millions hieroglyphs?

-No,I cant read..do you?

-No,who does?

-the emperor and the royal court and their gheisas are the only one who can read and write

and so they got their emperor back from prison with his advisers and used them as advisers for them

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi!

then they faced the problems of communism and impoverished giant society

-If we apply the communist doctrine and force the peasants to share their food freely ith the cities then the peasants will starve

-if we let them sell the food then we will starve with all the city dwellers

Deng Xiaoping came by and say

-An old Chinese say is :I dont care if the cat is white or black if it catches mices and rats it is a good cat

So they let peasants to sell part of their harvest and forced them to give away the other half

this started the industrial revolution in China in the 50s as the town dwellers were forced to work and have money to buy food

and the circle continued

Deng made 4 industrialized cities on the coast ,Shanghai being the brightest and most developed

the capital Beijing was developed later

but he forbidded the peasants to come and settle in the new cities

we wouldnt want 2 billion primitive men to flood Shanghai would we?

and then he made an alliance with America with the idea of outperfoming her

but the american president asked him about the open borders policy in China

-Sure...we will let the Chinese leave China..how many do you want?400?500?600 millions are enoughfor you?

so Deng assured a nonintervention policy from USA

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