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Message Subject NBC / NFL uses Chiefs murder/suicide as excuse to promote a GUN BAN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If all the Firearms were taken away today people would still find something else to kill people with.Be it a tree branch, a tire iron, a pipe, Gasoline and a lighter. And what about Cars, Planes, Chemicals.

Or what about Sports themselfs, A kick to the head, a Hockystick to the head, A baseball Bat. I would never end.

There was a news article years ago of a Woman killed in LA, at an atm when someone hit her from behind with a tire iron, then proceded to stab her with it.

So as long as I can have a firearm I will use it for target practice, and Home defence, Remember when you call 911 the time for a responce by law enforcement on average is between 5 and 15 minutes. Unless they are it breifing for a shift change, then it might be close to a Hour.

[link to www.census.gov]

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