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Message Subject Humans kind of look like apes, isn't that enough proof of evolution?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If Man evolved from apes, why ar there still apes around, surely they'd all be Man by now?

They look that way because God encoded it that way in his design of such.

He coded Mankind different, as he did elephants, sheep etc.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28981586

Because Humans are SUB-SPECIES, a fork if you will.

Take a very early predecessor to the modern day great apes (including Humans) lets call this species A.

Now, somewhere in time species A produces a fork or a sub-species (perhaps a small group of species A became separated and adapted to different climate etc, triggering genetic mutation)... we call this species B and for this demonstration species B becomes what we know as the Neanderthal.

The Neanderthal then forked into yet another sub-species, species C or early Humans. Species C was more competitive than B, perhaps a stronger immune system, perhaps better at hunting and dominated species B's territory eventually forcing B's extinction (same as how foreign plant species dominate others when introduced)

All the while species A keep forking into various types of ape, monkey etc. The thing is, breaking into a sub species isn't always a good thing as with the Neanderthal, which explains why monkeys are still monkeys... the Human sub species was just a whole bunch of luckey flukes (thumbs, walking, etc) which helped boost brain development.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19554254

You're right on all accounts except that we didn't come from Neanderthals. They're our cousins as much as other apes are.
 Quoting: AllGunsBlazing

Actually newest research shows that all "white" race types have 4-5% of Neanderthal genetics in us only "black" are pure Homosapiens rest is crossbreed.

And if you look at our crossbreeding now in the globalisation age, we move to a more common Human form wich possess all kind of characteristics like black white asien all in one, in like 1000 years from now humans might look completly diffrent from the skin tone, and may have a more average body of all the current forms.

If you look at the average body size and livespan of Humans 2000 years ago in the roman empire as example most people where like 1.50m tall not like the average white male is now 1.80m tall.

SO actually evolution works pretty quick in another 1000 years we might look completly diffrent then now.

And most people ask why there are no sabertooths anymore or mammoths, it actually is directly linked to mankinds success most of the last iceage species where extinced by humans, via. hunting or struggle for food ressources.

If you look at the food we eat now allmost non of our food plants existed 5000 years ago, allmost everything we eat is human made we breed the strongest crops to feed us and that explains our success, there is no such thing like natural food cause everything we eat is breed by us.
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