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Message Subject Is cheating on your partner normal? Why are people so promiscous?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Normal? I dont know. I was married to the best man in the world. He was wonderful, gorgeous, sexy, never withheld sex...and neither did I. However after 20 years of marriage it got to the point I had heard every story he'd ever told a thousand times, he decided he'd had enough kids (I hadnt) and had a vasectomy. After that I got mightily unimpressed with him.

I never meant to fall inlove again....but when I met someone else, who was also free. Quite frankly....I had no intention of leaving my husband, had met hundreds of nice guys via work but was always faithful as anything and would be astounded if I, of al people were to cheat. Sometimes you meet someone so soulmatish that you just cum on the spot just looking at them. That was my downfall.

People are promiscuious, I wasnt built that way. UNTIL...I met someone that chucked me so far out of my comfortzone that I literally would have died if I couldnt spend time with him and it wasnt my husband. I lost him....he suicided because I told him the truth. After that I couldnt be with the bloke I loved most and my kids suffered as well. Not proud of how it all panned out BUT being single has been an amazing time too.

Some people find that married life gets tedious/repeatative even with the best partner....or find true love later in life....I dont condone cheaters who are just love addicts...they really shouldnt get married after they know their own faults. YOU OP...are exactly how I felt for the first 18 years of my married life.....so disgusted at people who stray. Sex is important, if YOU think it is or your partner thinks it is. With the right person it can be so maddenly uplifting and joyous that you cannot stay away. With others...it can be a chore or masterbating on anothers body. Sex is lovely, with the right person, HEAVENLY even. If you are married to a boring basturd who makes you cringe...it can be a nightmare.

If I could be with someone now...who made me feel loved, and took me to soaring heights, made me laugh, cry and feel joy/cameraderie...I would so marry again. You are right about loveless sex...its boring after a couple of times...degrading after that. Sex doesnt last for minutes/hours....it shapes your mind and happiness. If pushed away..you feel low selfworth, if pused upon too much....you can feel raped. Its only when the lovefilled sex consumes you both equally...and with the feeling that you both care deeply that sex is just another way of saying...I LOVE YOU!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13250526

Way to justify your selfish behavior. Please don't ever get married again... because even if you think you found your "soul mate" in your next marriage, you will again find another "soul mate" that you can't stay away from (because of the feeling you think they bring to you), cheat on you current "soul mate" and ruin another person again.

The reality of it is the "soul mate" you are chasing is not human, nor is it from a good source. It is a minion for evil, or the "soul destroyer". Trying to destroy both you and your husbands souls.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28620479

Possibly true....my guilt is such that I dont date or meet anyone.....for the reason you give. Would be a shame if the Lord said....I send you love and you throw it away. Burnt once.....its not happening again. I am old now.....so its unlikely to pass....20 years is a good innings. I love for a very long time...if not a lifetime. How many times can people find true love anyway? 3 times maximum and I've worn out 2.
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