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Message Subject Is cheating on your partner normal? Why are people so promiscous?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I believe the primary reason people cheat are different for men and women.

Women do it for validation of thier own sexuality and a ego boost.

Men, it's the conquest.

If, after the first or second tryst, there are more things that carry the affair on like new affections, the physiology of being freshly 'in love', a diversion from a ho-hum family life, etc.

 Quoting: Maguyver

Does it ever get to a point where you sit down and wonder to yourself if there even is a purpose to jumping from one person to the other? I'm not going through that crap my whole life. Too much stress, where is the control and devotion in people. Girlfriend cheated on me after I gave her the world and all because she got horny..hmmm. I wasn't mad at her, it just showed me the type of individual she was. Her intentions in life are obviously not spiritual or meaningful...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20672383

Because she got horny? I doubt it. That's a cover. I suspect she is comfortable with you, but in that, she lost her self sense that she's still hot and desirable. Someone showed her some attention and that made her loose a bit of her will to be faithful. Some people are weak in that regard. Even the most spiritual can cave to a weakness; that doesn't make them less valuable.

 Quoting: Maguyver

I've been confronted by very attractive women and they have tried to flirt with me but I let them know that my intentions in life are not that of a lust searcher or entertainer seeker. Sex only seems intriguing to me when i think of it as love making. I wouldn't say my ex girlfriend isn't valuable, I would say that her morals and perception in life are warped by her physical reality.

Yes i live in the physical and have sexual urges, but I don't let them control my emotions and feelings. I stay loyal till the end. That is how I feel.
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