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Message Subject Is cheating on your partner normal? Why are people so promiscous?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its all fine and dandy to think that cheaters are the scum of the Earth until one day you are put in that situation.

My Husband pays no attention to me. We have no sex. He much rather touch his ipad than me. I have to live up to this typical role of housewife, even though I work and bring in money. He doesnt try to make me happy even when I ask. I asked for counselling, which was ignored.

He is not a bad guy. He is just so very thoughtless. We have 3 beautiful children and I dont want to hurt anyone.

Before anyone thinks that I should try harder. I have. For 10 years. Trying to maintain that spark on your own and you will see how hard it is. He is just so absent.

I havent had sex outside the marriage but I found a person who I connect with. I struggle with this everyday.

I married my husband because he gave me an STI and I didnt ever want to tell anyone so I thought it was the safest route. I do not know I would of married him otherwise. I told the other person about this and he is fine with it. He also said he will wait forever.

We are catholic and work within the catholic confines, which means even if I had the guts to completely ruin our lives over my unhappiness, I would lose my job and our friends.

I am miserable.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17522961

I'm sorry to hear that. If your husband isn't treating you with respect then he's honestly probably doing things with someone else or is investing his time in other things. The fact is monogamy is very confusing. You have to analyze the other individual before you get into a relationship them. Some people just dont have the chops in keeping a spiritual connection with their partness. It's the ego, the sexual drive, the search for lust and endless connection that destroys us.

There are those who say that relationships are unnormal and that people should just sleep around and have more then one partner, but I disagree. I don't want life to be this way, time is too precious. What is living worth if you have to go back and forth from person to person to try to find what your looking for.

This is my advice to you and to myself, keep looking until you've absolutely know that the person is sincere, honest, loving, patient, understanding, not superficial, full of sexual tendencies but can control them, and let you know if things aren't working. This life seems sometimes very hard because no one ever seems to be happy or fulfilled, we just have to keep hoping. There is reason out there...and maybe love too..
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