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Message Subject The Fiscal Cliff is how Obama ends the United States
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Of course you would laugh about the country's unfortunate problem of being forced to tax the people that properly allocate capital (investments) instead of people who waste their capital (cigarettes, alcohol, football).

Because everyone that is taking money from the government is just spending it right away, government stimulus will never fix the economy.

People spending money on cigarettes does not stimulate the economy. Only good investment does.

Instead of realizing that we need to cut down welfare programs temporarily while we fix our budget, people go straight to seizure of wealth.

If you start seizing people's wealth, they will no longer start international businesses in the USA. They will have the USA portion of the business based in the USA, but the international portions will no longer be based in the USA because there is a huge disadvantage to this.

If the taxes for either corporations or the rich do go up, it is not that the economy gets destroyed or that the rich stop starting businesses. This is the simplified reasoning given to the populus.

The real reason is that the USA will no longer be the hub for international corporations. When they start they will plan to start their international operations separate from the US company.

Revenues come up to 60% from outside the USA. This translate to a 60% fall in US equity markets since the international components will no longer be listed in the USA. Without being part of the US company, the USA is missing a TON of tax money.

Therefore, raising corporate and taxes on the rich will solve the problem temporarily. In the long-run everyone will be poorer.
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