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Message Subject If you are still believing the Bible there are many clear contradictions in it about Jesus
Poster Handle nwo_watcher_911
Post Content
Often times when you ask God for something, it is just not feasible for it it happen immediately.

You my have been starving and asked for food, so God will provide the peanut butter and jelly, but it's on you to make the sandwich.

I too can attest to God. I had reached a plateau in my negative lifestyle and had asked God to help me out of that mess. I was sincerely scared because I had 'reached the top' but knew I was actually stuck in a personal hell and living in Sin.

It did not happen instantly but I can tell you within a very short period of time (weeks) I was provided an exit strategy which included a golden parachute, if you know what I mean. Now I can tell you that it is real, as I am living way better then I was in the past (and I was living FAT!) so all Glory goes to God, hollowed be His Name, His Kingdom come, His will be done - on Earth as it is in Heaven..

..Thank you Lord - for saving me so I can turn and tell others.
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