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Message Subject If you are still believing the Bible there are many clear contradictions in it about Jesus
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So 'God' created us with the curse of sin upon which our fate would be eternal hell but he had to send his son (also considered 'God') to earth to undo the curse the he created and those who don't accept Jesus to lift the original sin that 'God' (also Jesus) created will face the wrath of Jesus ('God').

What a loving 'God' we have! Not only does he create the sin that curses us but he unleashes his wrath on his creation and those who suffer from the sin that he created.


All who have ever lived and followed God are forgiven their sins. Jesus came that we may know him (God) who created and forgives man of our fallen state of sin.

We are not perfect and do sin. We were created with free will to love or not and with that comes sin - doing good or evil.

Those who choose to reject their creator are destroyed in the end in the lake of fire (hall). Those who accepted the free gift get eternal life. And that is a cool ending.

It's not a fairy tale but world history. 'Caveman' is Satan's fairy tale many believe.
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