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Message Subject If you are still believing the Bible there are many clear contradictions in it about Jesus
Poster Handle Zerubbabel
Post Content
There is not ONE single contradiction in the entire Bible. The contradictions are in our own minds and spirits. We refuse to even look at our own limitations, putting ourselves upon the throne of God. What part of "here a little, there a little; line upon line and precept upon precept" do most not understand? Men would limit God and his multifaceted mind. God can LITERALLY begin a sentence from the beginning of the world and end that sentence at the end of the world. How can we possibly know how to interpret this but by the Holy Spirit of God. Men think that God has to put one word after another like they do to have a meaningful sentence. One single word from God created the entire universe. Can we possibly presume to think that we could "understand" that word by just reading it? Of course we couldn't. His ways are so high above our ways that only HE can help us to understand it--and that only imperfectly.

The Lord is Omnipresent. This means that He not only SEES through the ages, He is ACTUALLY there....and there....and there--simultaneously. Can anybody even wrap their minds around this. Combine all this with Omnipotence, Omniscience and other unnamable things puts this so far beyond our understanding that it is a LITERAL miracle that we can even be TAUGHT by God of His great Glory.

Great and learned men down through the ages have attempted to show the "many" contractictions of the Scriptures and have ended up "broken upon the Rock". I have 3 college degrees (for all that is worth), and thought that I would be the one to debunk this garbage once and for all. I said to myself that if I cannot find one scientic thing in this book, what good is it. I found it to be the greatest scientific book I have ever read--once I understood how to interpret it. It is now my guide in ALL THINGS small and great. From the pages of Scripture, I found a theme that literally boggled my mind when I understood it. Science now has a name for it and I can't help but suspect that they pulled it from my own blogs on the subject. It is called the "Calabi-Yau theory", and CERN has plans to conduct experiments to see if, indeed, space itself is what holds all things together and made up of 7-11 dimensions which are "roiling and boiling" around every single piece of matter.

Nature (science) and revelation (Scripture) ALIKE testify of God and His Kingdom. When you look at nature correctly (as opposed to "nature falsely so-called") EVERY SINGLE THING in nature ministers to some other thing. Even death itself, ministers to others. A lifetime of study and research has led me only closer and closer to the truth of the Scriptures. Many things I did not understand, became clear as life led me down its journey and the words of the Scripture jump out in full relief. What a loss it is for those who cannot see!! It is my greatest joy. Everything in life eventually passes and what is important today is nothing tomorrow. Yet, God's Word stands in EVERY situation and prepares us for ANY eventuality. "Even though he slay me, yet will I trust in Him".
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