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Message Subject WTF?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Felt many daily/night shakes through the last few years here.I have documented most on a daily basis. It cooled off for about the last 3 weeks under me but has increased south of me and eastward..(still felt but not as intense) but again i am feeling them daily and at night as well.(i hear my ceiling crackle first before felt through floor) A few months ago it was audible as well as felt. The ripple effect feeling has turned into more of a thud sensation the last little while. The "arc" across the USA has me a bit concerned as the trail begins in eastern Canada along St. Lawrence to the big NM word and continues up to the San A. I am on bedrock and have an escarpment near by as well as in between the great lakes fault line. Normally most are in the east near Quebec, but have been moving along and southward more lately.
Just an added after thought, that the swarm in BC Canada awhile ago during Sandy and the swarms in the fault line of Puerto Rico region leaves a lot of questions for in the middle of all that pressure... The west coast San An. For the last week has been moving eastward with recent EQ's. I would normally not submit anything of my findings and such, but the graph this morning was a red flag i think.So..
Just a heads up from a guy who monitors eq.s
Stay safe today all.
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