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Message Subject 3 doors 3 symbols
Poster Handle 141
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I know this is the bd part. It's like no link u stink! All I can remember is 3 very large wooden type doors they were arched and very tall. Had old look to them. The symbols..well i only looked once they told me I needed to see the symbols. I was to scared to view them and told them no. They said I needed to understand.
Now months latter this popped into my head today I am deeply bothered by it and need to see if I can find those symbols. I think I could remeber them if I saw them. Plus today I feel very sad..broken hearted and I have no reason to feel this way.
 Quoting: Seeking 1437837

Sorry to hear that, and sending you a lot of love and a big hug...

No worries, the information you have been given are either processed within you or it will re-occur when needed...

What comes to my mind with the number '3', in this case... And just see if it resonates...

One for the physical body, and all those energy systems surrounding and operating it
Including the astral/emotional fields and the lower higher mental realms...

One for the spirit, which are our truest nature, our deepest eternal essence, so to say...
That contains valuable information, beyond time, space and language, about who YOU truly are...

One for the soul, which is the intermediary, communicator, between the above two mentioned...
Also the carrier of memory and qualities, connected to our Earthly existence...

Could it be this was a seek for a deeper balance between the 3, and does any of this make sense to you?

Lots of love
I believe in you
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