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Message Subject Boehner says, "No money is Social Security Fund or Medicare Fund while 3 million Boomers retire each year."
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They have been using SS as a secret INCOME TAX on the poorer segment of the population for years now (SS taxes cap out at a low level, so the rich stop paying any more SS taxes when their income goes above the cap amount)

SS has been running HUGE surplusses for decades, but that money has then been siphoned off to be spent on general government services.

The reality is SS always was a "pay as you go" system, the "surpluses NEVER EXISTED" in real life. It was just a hidden way to up the Income Tax on the working people and let the Rich avoid paying that additional tax.

There IS no Social Security Trust Fund. It is all a FICTION. Always was and always will be.
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