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Message Subject Lay off the Facebook, Dumbass!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Seems like you really like the word borg. It makes you sound supa high techie and k3wl.

But...you say you don't use social networking sites because they are useless.

First...GLP is a social networking site.

Second...it isn't a "hollow cog". When used correctly and with good intentions, social networking sites will be one of the only if not only ways for humanity to collaborate on a global scale to change the world.

Anti social networking tards who post on GLP are humorously ironic.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27338283

Well, i consider GLP a think tank of public and clandestine intel. The good, bad, ugly and insane!

i get your points though.

No assimilation here.

 Quoting: 2342

Think tank?

Here is how GLP works.

1. Users scower mainstream media sources for the latest news that isn't pinned.

2. Users mad scramble to copy and paste the URL into a new thread.

3. Users continously bump their own threads and beg for a pin.

4. If pinned, "thanks for pin!!11!1"

5. If another thread dealing with the same subject is pinned "wtfz why i no get a pin!?"

6. Replys come in, people saying OP is a fucktard, OP telling posters they are blind and need to wake up

7. Thread goes on or dies.

People are addicted to this conspiracy shit. Since using GLP I actually now believe we are better off with the illuminati and that a new world order is neccassary.

Now, watch all the brainwashed people tell me I'm a shill.
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