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Message Subject Lay off the Facebook, Dumbass!
Poster Handle Bea Nameless
Post Content
I don't avoid it. I have a nice mix of friends I was always friends with and people from around the world I can discuss conspiracy and politics with intelligently. It's like any tool, it's in how you use it. The Borg-peeps who take pictures of their food and expect people to give a damn? Naw. The ones who use it much as they do GLP? I have no issue with that bunch because I am that bunch. Like today? Discussing the fallacy of the state on there. But I don't take it the bathroom or even out on the town. I think people who are boring will do boring things with tools when given tools. Smart people who want to exchange actual ideas build something very different. Plus, they see my crazy posts... so maybe it's a little like subtle mental infiltration?
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