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Message Subject Nasa unveils Mars Curiousity findings today at 12pm EST (watch live)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Any sort of organics would be earth shattering.
Religiontards will have to regroup, start thinking up excuses.
There's a reason they executed Galileo, the news that the earth was not the center of the earth released religions hold enough for a growth in human knowledge that is still ongoing.
Can't let that happen again
 Quoting: bvndy

I have to ask WHY does the religious tards have to rethink anything? Is there some kind of biblical passage that states that no life exists beyond earth?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1391353

Because god created everything just for us to show how wonderful he is. If aliens come down and they had their own version of Jesus dying on the cross for their sins then yeah I suppose gods real but whats the odds of that ;)
After all depending on which country you were born pretty much dictates which religion you belong to, so whats the chances of being born on a different planet and being Christian.
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