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Message Subject Hey Glp....my broke unemployed sorry ass needs to find a home business....any recommendations?
Poster Handle Etta1439
Post Content
Well Here Are A Few Options...
1) Surveys - You Make About $. 10 - $1.00 Per Survey And If You Can Manage To Do One Every Thirty Minutes You Could End Up Making About $5.00 In 8 Hours, $25 A Week And $100 A Month.

2) Mystery Shopping - You Write A One To Two Page Letter About Your Experience With A Specific Place, And A Lot Of Other Specific Info Such As How Clean The Place Was, Names OF The People You Dealt With, How Long It Took You To Be Helped, Etc. And You Get Paid About $15.00 Per Shop And/ Or Sometimes Just A Free Meal.

3) Focus Groups - I Sat In On One Session Talking About A Product I Used And Filled Out A Questionnaire About The Product And They Paid Me $150.00 For About An Hour Of My Time Plus Handled My Parking Fees. This Will Get You Started

4) Direct Sales And Affiliate Sales - There Are Hundred Of Companies Out There That Give You An Opportunity To Sell Their Products And You Make Anywhere From 25-50% On The Products You Sell. The Good Companies That Know You Will Make A Lot Of Money Ask You To Buy In. Costing Anywhere From $10-$500.00. I Am Currently A Part Of A Few Of These Companies And The One With The Cheapest Start Up Fee Was AVON. You Get A Website, A Bunch Of Catalogs And Some Marketing Assistance. ----- All I Do Is Tell People That I Know Through Social Networking Sites, Friends, Family And Sometimes Ads In Newspapers About The Products And Discounts Avon Offers. I Direct Them To My Site, They Purchase, Avon Delivers Merchandise Directly To Them And I've Earned 25-40% On What I've "SOLD". Here's My Link. youravon.com/charettaupshaw
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