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Message Subject what does it mean when you see the shadow of a skinny clown with a long neck in a dream?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i was attacked by a fucking spirit cat last night

i felt the fucking thing jump on the bed, you can't mistake a cat jumping on your bed really. I could feel it's four paws on the quilt over me then it started mauling my brain. or that's what it felt like, anyway. honestly, all i could hear was a loud screaming sound, and could feel all sorts of shit going on in my head

yes, i WAS sleeping, but this woke me up. At first i thought it was my pet cat, but he was sleeping soundly behind me, i could feel him breathing. I could also hear the radio I hear for white noise on quietly, but I felt completely helpless as this bastard thing was attacking me, so i went on the offensive, I told it in no uncertain terms to fuck off, otherwise I will sort it out, either in this life or the next

then it subsided. Only when I fought back mentally at it did it subside. it was fucking horrible.

I have a feeling this spirit cat is a black cat we used to have who was very weird. It used to have fits, and do all sorts of strange stuff, before we gave it away for adoption because our baby came along.
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