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Subject You Fell/Fail...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You fell for all of it. Conspiracy theorist, lol.

You fail. You are exactly where the current world is. You bought that Alqueda is against our government (and at one time it was). You swallowed up that the MB was the peaceful ones and the squatters, Palestinians, were the odd man out. Look around. Who's on who's side. Our current administration is instating the MB in governments all over. Hillary is dotting our globe with them and placing them as dictators, as is the case with Egypt. The current administration is socialist/communist and you still don't get it. They hate are country and are destroying it from within. Soros, and OWS has the same agenda. And that is why...

Ivan the Terrible is attacking this site. They call themselves AlQaedaSec, they are pro"palestinian" OWSer's. They won't be happy until everyone of you conspiracy theorist believe it is Trinity that is against you and you all are Jew hating Nazi's.

It was foretold and you bought the biggest lie of them all. Congratulations to each of you that fell/fail for it.
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