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Message Subject Why are legal drugs seen as a good thing, but illegal drugs seen badly?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Legal drugs are easy to control and hard to make. They are easy to make money off of so big pharma pays people to go along with it. The gov't makes more money off of pot being illegal than if they were to legalize it. mostly because ANYBODY can grow pot.
 Quoting: Hitokiri

Mostly $$$

Uncontrolled use of any drug though is the antithesis of what government wants. Government wants to CONTROL everything ... so easily produced and consumed "drug type" products (alcohol, marijuana, etc.) they go after especially hard if they are produced outside of the heavily taxed arena (ie: licensed liquor producers, licensed marijuana producers) since those are ways for everyday people to bypass government control and taxing.

One further issue is that mind altering substances are further restricted so as to keep workers working instead of being lazy. This is why in Great Brittain for the last couple of hundred years public pubs, where the working man drank, HAD to close early (8:00 PM sticks in my mind, later changed to 10:00 PM), whereas private "clubs" (drinking establishments for the rich) could stay open until the wee hours of the morning.

Governments everywhere want the common working man out working, NOT utilizing mind altering substances, even though it is A-OK for the rich to use those substances (look at the heavy cocain use in the entertainment industry and the wealthy classes of the coastal cities which government does NOT go after at all!! ... while they spend HUGE resources chasing the small time crack users in those very same cities)
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