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Message Subject Why are legal drugs seen as a good thing, but illegal drugs seen badly?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ADD and ADHD are bullshit "disorders", most likely made up by pharmaceutical companies to (you guessed it) sell more pharmaceuticals!

However, these "disorders" are not new, they've just been given a new name. They have been around forever, but back in the day we used to just call it CHILDHOOD.
 Quoting: The Myth

Naw... you need to look up Operation Paper Clip. The idea this number of sick and dysfunctional children has always been around is disinformation via the MSM.

Fluoride, chemicals in Big Macs, mercury in vaccinations, and many other heavy metal tricks are dumbing down the younger generations.

"Illegal" drugs drive up the price and allow CIA and black ops to control the market.

"Legal" drugs provide funding to Mega Corps and other NWO fronts. This mega corps are intended to replace governments as the power brokers on earth. That is why national armies are shrinking and private thugs/ private security are replacing our soldiers and police (paramilitary).

The Bible warned of Mystery Babylon the Great, a wicked nation which would pervert the entire world by exporting its way of life. MBtG "fooled the whole world with your pharmakeia". (=pharmaceuticals)
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