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Message Subject Why are legal drugs seen as a good thing, but illegal drugs seen badly?
Poster Handle MayanGod
Post Content
I totally see where you're coming from though. Alcohol for instance is completely legal and kills thousands of people all the time! It is a DEADLY, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE DRUG. Yet it is legal, to keep you in a docile state and to keep the taxes rolling. Weed on the other hand never killed anyone.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28848315

I disagree. Weed may have never killed anybody deliberately BUT MANY people I know, including myself, have had mentail illness arise full force from marijuana abuse. Hence, marijuana HAS killed MANY people. Living in paranoia, isolating yourself from others, is the same thing as KILLING you. Also, I have seen MANY potheads end up doing different drugs. Marijuana MAY be a gateway drug to people that can't smoke it anymore. Do your research next time bozo.
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