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Message Subject The Great Giza, December 3rd, 2012 Mercury, Venus and Saturn lineup , Heres what it means.. By Apollo..
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I have a few minutes...

and if its a girl?

Im just saying.. Its nothing I was taught.. We were taught of the King David story. how the king is discovered amongst the commoners so to speak.. King David was a mere shepard boy...

If you go by the full scope of experience, Usually the child is born in the middle, Halfway point, Middle class family.
And he will experience poverty later and riches. the whole gamut . No one will graduate this earth experience without having to experience it all.

Watch the Superman movie, how Clark Kent grew up..

Nobody knows! Though I'm sure the baby's sex will be release long before the birth.

A shepherd these days would be a farmer. Yes, like the Clark Kent/Superman story.

But every good shepherd must first tend to their local flock!
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