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Message Subject The Great Giza, December 3rd, 2012 Mercury, Venus and Saturn lineup , Heres what it means.. By Apollo..
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For you -

[link to www.youtube.com]

About the Video -

'This is a harmonic language of the CREATOR, that is covered up by the mainstream terrorfied Self Proclaimed Elite.. it is a science that will FREE HUMANITY ON ALL LEVELS AND IN ALL ASPECTS. This language and AwarenesS can be taught, leant and applied in LIFE.. BE STRONG, BE POWERFUL, BE INFINITE, BE L((((O))))VE

Cymatics is the study of the effects of sound vibrations on physical matter. When I was introduced to the pioneering work of Dr. Hans Jenny in 1977, it provided the visual evidence that proved the physical power of sound and music. This study has always been a featured part of my lectures and workshops. Now, with 'sound made visible,' it was possible to demonstrate astonishing effects on solids, liquids and gases.

John Stuart Reid and Erik Larson improved upon Dr Jenny's tonoscope with their new CymaScope (TM) When we met at a Cymatics Therapy Conference, John offered to see what images the recording I made in 1981 while I chanted Inside the Great Pyramid would produce.

As you will see, and hear, the results were simply amazing. Note: I filmed the events on my hand-held digital video camera. The sound quality was not nearly as good as the CD, so we overdubbed as much of the pure CD sound as possible in post-production'
 Quoting: Spittin'Cesium

So Beautiful!!!!
I have actually personally done this same thing 10 years ago inside the King's Chamber. The outside guards commented after that the Great Pyramid was singing - the sound vibrations carried througout the structure, vibrating block after block and were audible outside.
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