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Message Subject Okay so its December 2012 WHERE is Planet X??
Poster Handle john wayne
Post Content
its funny how planet x was supposed to come in the 70s, then again in 83, then again in 88, then again in 1993, then again in 1998, then again in 2003, then again in 2012. So technicly ive survived it without out noticing at least 5 times. Im sorry folks but youve been duped again, only this time this myth has come up computers and youtube ruled the day so many more got duped. I remember in 05 when i was reading about this the best experts on the subject said everyone in every hemisphere would be able to see it naked eye by may 2011, and by dec 2012? well by then they said it would be bigger in the sky than the moon and civilization would have already collapsed. Its B.S. on the 22 theyll just move the date to 2022, 2012survivalkit.com has already begun switching to 2022survivalkit.com, i think the original isnt even up not cuz there already busy with the switch now that 2012 has been relegated to the imagination's of those who kill there mothers and shoot children. Your a loser. and i know my grammar is poor because i dont give a shit im going to work and i wanted to tell you how retarded you are if you believe in 12212012 as quickly as possibleyodajavascript:doSmilie(':yoda:');
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