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Message Subject Dear Christians I have question.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How do you guys really make the sense of what the Holy Bible tell us?

That God sacrificed himself, to himself, to remove the curse he put on us?
 Quoting: Kurdish Shepherd 28432374

God didn't put the curse on us.
He warned Adam and Eve what would happen if they disobeyed and ate the fruit of knowledge, thus humankind, through Adam and Eve put the curse on ourselves, by our own choice.

God gave the LAW to provide human beings a way for salvation but no one, NOT ONE MAN or WOMAN was able to keep the law. So the Law only condemned us even more and exposed our sins so that it was clear that we all deserved death <- the ultimate punishment for SIN or EVIL.

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is God in the Flesh has to come into the world to accomplish what His creation (man) could not.

Because He had mercy on us, HE came to accomplish the task of being RIGHTEOUS before the LAW and fulfilling it and because HE overcame, He was raised to Life everlasting, because HE was without SIN and death could not hold HIM for there was nothing for death to hold on to. For death is only for those WITH SIN IN THEM.

Because of this, Jesus abolished death and ascended and sits on the right hand throne of the Father and has ALL POWER, for HE is God Almighty.

And though HE did not have to, He extended this Grace and Gift to all who would BELIEVE IN HIS NAME, BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF SALVATION THROUGH HIM. BELIEVE IN HIS RESURRECTION that this hope may be with all those that choose to BELIEVE IN HIM.

Because NO ONE ELSE COULD DO IT, God did it, to save us. Because HE had mercy on us and gave us ETERNAL HOPE IN HIM.

Because HE conquered death, HE gives to anyone the same resurrection and a place to be with HIM forever. For all those that will LIVE will LIVE THROUGH HIM AND HIM ALONE.

For HE is the author of all that is Love.
All that is Righteous.
All that is Good.
All that is Life.

After all HE is the CREATOR and defines all of creation.

In Jesus Christ.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1159544

So let me get this straight. God created satan and banished him to earth once he rebelled. God then created man and placed adam and eve on the same planet he banished his arch nemesis to. He the whispered into adam and eves ears not to eat from the tree of knowledge. Satan then appeared as a snake and convinced eve to eat from the tree. Now that humanity has eaten from the tree satan has the power to condemn our eternal souls and the only thing god could do about it was to incarnate as a human and die on a cross and ascend into heaven in order to open up the pathway to heaven. Many years after he died on the cross and resurected as christ he spoke to a few prophets and had them write a few stories and put the together in a book. He now doesnt have any new prophets and forces us to read the biblical scripture and worship jesus christ in order for our eternal souls not to be tortured for all eternity?

That is by far the stupidest thing i have ever heard in my entire life.
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