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Message Subject Dear Christians I have question.
Poster Handle Semper Fi
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The story is a little more intense. God created Angels first but when God created his own image (Adam) and told them to bow before his image, Lucifer refused and 1/3 of the angels. Because of this they were cast out onto the earth. Adam and Eve were like little children not knowing right and wrong. Like a puppy and curious like little children. But like little children you tell them don't touch something, they touch it anyways and get burned. God knew what was going to happen and he allowed it to happen that Humans may be like God Knowing.
Adam and Eve sinned but became aware understanding just like God. But there was a bad side to that they would die. Spiritually and Physically. Because of this original sin all men from creation till Jesus Christ went to hell. Seperated between the children of God and others who did wrong but in hell never the less . When Jesus Christ died he went into hell to destroy death and hell. People went to hell because of original sin. Those the receive Jesus Christ that curse is broken through his death. Those that refuse Jesus Christ that curse remains upon them. And will go to that place where you don't have to go.
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